So, you want to be an Airsoft Sniper?

But you don’t want to spend an entire month’s salary on just a single rifle and upgrade parts? In this article, we’ll showcase five bolt-action sniper rifles that are perfect for beginners, that want to try out sniping without spending a fortune.

Sniping is all the rage these days and with Novritsch being the most famous Airsoft player in recent history, many people want to try it out. Airsoft Sniping can be very, very expensive when you want a high-performance rifle. If you’ve ever browsed through the various online shops looking for guns and upgrade parts, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the sheer endless possibilities the market has to offer.

The question is: “Do beginners need a high performance sniper rifle and spend hundreds of dollars?” In my opinion, the answer is simple: “No!”. As a novice, you want an affordable and reliable rifle with which you can gain first experiences.

So here’s my list of five bolt action sniper rifles that I would recommend to someone wanting to try out Airsoft Sniping.


Well MB03

The WELL MB03 and all it’s variants and rebrands is basically a 1:1 clone of the Tokyo Marui VSR10. It is the most affordable rifle in this list, ranging from 85$ to 100$. It is compatible with all VSR10 tuning parts and a perfect basis for later upgrades. On the downside, the internal parts aren’t that good and there might be some intolerances. If you want to try out sniping and like to make some DIY improvements, this rifle is for you.

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Ares Amoeba AS01

The Ares Amoeba AS01 was built with the beginner in mind. It is affordable and has a great build quality. It is priced around 175$, which is a bargain when compared to the build quality of slightly cheaper models. The AS01 features a very modern look and breaks the classic Remington M700 tradition. Ares offers a wide range of upgrade parts for this rifle – not only internal but also external parts and accessories. The Striker AS01 has a short-pull bolt, which means two things: it’s easier to pull and it’s air volume is limited. A lighter pull is beneficial for beginners but the smaller air volume limits later upgrades.

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Modify MOD24

Modify MOD24

The MOD24 is a little bit more expensive than the other rifles but offers excellent build quality and upgradeability. Modify is known for their superior upgrade parts. The MOD24 is compatible with various APS2 upgrade parts. Novritsch’s new sniper rifle is based on the MOD24 and is also made by Modify. The MOD24 costs 270$. If you like tracers, then Modify has something for you to offer: LED-lit magazines. We’ve already tested this sniper rifle in our Modify MOD24 Review.

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The PPS M40A3 is an often overlooked bolt action rifle. It features a smooth bolt pull and realistic looking magazine. It’s feeding system is similar to the VFC M40. It is compatible with VSR barrels, Hop-Up buckings, springs and spring guides. The rest of the parts are proprietary though. The stock can be removed easily which is super practical for transportation. With 140$, the M40A3 is an affordable alternative to the other listed models.

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The PPS M40A1 is a 1:1 scale replica of the rifle used by the USMC back in the days. It features a real wood stock, an internal 20rds magazine, one-piece metal outer barrel and various CNC’d parts like the Hop-Up chamber and trigger housing. It is compatible with VSR trigger units, Hop-Up buckings and barrels. The rest of the parts are proprietary. With 230$, it’s slightly more expensive but you’re already getting tuning parts right out of the box. The internal magazine might not be everyone’s favourite but if you’re looking for a a decent replica of the real rifle, look no further.

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Wrapping it up

An advice I like to give to players that want to start sniping: Sniping requires a lot of self-control, patience and dedication. It’s not for everyone.

Many have tried and sold their rifles afterwards. Start small, don’t spend too much money at once – it might not be worth it. If you liked it, browse the web and look for mods and upgrades, build a ghillie suite, paint your gun or build a DIY Scope Cam, so you can make awesome videos. In the end, the most important thing is to have fun!

This list could be way longer as there are so many affordable sniper rifles out on the market. If you’re interested in knowing more about the rifles, let me know in the comments below. Also let me know if you liked or disliked this kind of writeup.