Airsoft Action October Issue – A sneak peak inside

All of us at Airsoft Action hope that you’re all enjoying the summer as much as we are and, even though rain has been a bit short here in the UK, the woods are at their very best for some sneaky sniper-play. So what better a time than now to look at “Long Guns” and everything that goes with them!

We’ve brought together an issue this month that really gets under the skin of “precision rifles” and to kick things off we have three reviews of the very latest bolt-action models to hit the market!

Airsoft Action October 2023

First up Stewbacca headlines with G&G’s new take on the Lee Enfield, as he gets down to the nitty-gritty with the gas-driven LE4, then Bill heads into his favourite “Cold War” territory with a look at the ARES L42A1 and he rounds things off with his thoughts on the thoroughly modern KYUDO from Saigo Defense!

Jimmy brings in “field notes” on his bolt-action HPA project, whilst Dan gets techy again with how to get the best from your springer and then teams up with Stewbacca with a super retrospective on the beast that was – and is – the Real Sword SVD.

Red Cell take a look at TEN of their favourite long rifles in a truly MASSIVE report, with some old models and some new and the AA Legion zeros-in on magnified optics they favour to go with them. This theme continues into THE CAGE where the crew start to look at a new topic, that of “airsoft roles” by looking at how a really good sniper can be a benefit to their team as a whole and Stewbacca reports in on how the VFC PSG-1 is performing nearly one year on in RELOADED.

Larri lands another super report from Hong Kong about a unique site where WE would all certainly love to play, and the guys report back from this year’s National Airsoft Festival in the UK; with over 3000 PLAYERS it’s an event that we’re sure you’ll want to hear about!

So, spring guns, gas guns, HPA guns and all the fun of “The Sniper Role” fill Issue 142 from end to end, so why not jump on in and check it all out!

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