December’21 Issue of Airsoft Action

Once again it’s the middle of the month which means it’s time for another packed online and free to read digital Issue No. 132, December 2021 from Airsoft Action.
As usual it’s stuffed with guns, gear and games, yours truly kicks off the festivities with a look at the limited edition Clarence Lai Project Design and A Plus Studios modified BCM MCMR GBBR which I got hands on with over the course of a few weeks and shoots before having to (grudgingly) give it back. An excellent variation on an already excellent Vega Force Company BCMAIR product. Shut up and take my money.
Further along in the issue I also I also give my thoughts on the @doublealphaacademy LynxBelt which seems to be taking both the real steel and Action Air arenas by storm, and with good reason.
Airsoft Action
Bill continues his escapades in the Vorsk diaries with the new addition of their small but fierce 3.8S, before also taking a look at the shiny new EMG Noveske PCC.
Jimmy gets elbow deep in the shadows of airsoft anonymous’ new customisable gun cases in his tech feature, while Jon takes a look at the latest plate carrier offering from. One Tigris in the Kit & gear feature, and continues his T.O.D feature with a look at the tech behind clothing systems.
The cage feature takes a look at the Airsoft Action Legion folks current evolutions of belt kit setups while the RedCell feature sees the team taking a look at purely gas guns this month.
Airsoft Action
James shares some further developments about his immersive airsoft system, while Dan takes a look at AK internal setups.
Miguel shares his thoughts on Op Varuna 2 in Portugal and Jon takes a look at his current PAMG practical pistol setup.

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