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The Federal Government has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with a Queensland company to start acquiring and supplying the next generation of small arms for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Australian Defence Force

The SIG Sauer MCX, in .300 Blackout calibre, has been selected as the platform for the Personal Defence Weapon System, which will provide dismounted combatants with a light, modular, and compact weapon system that can be rapidly optimised for specialised roles.

The contract is part of a $500 million plus commitment to provide Australia’s soldiers, sailors and aviators with enhanced lethality weapon systems.

Australian Defence Force

The SIG Sauer P320 XCarry Pro has been selected as the platform for the Sidearm Weapon System, which will replace the venerable Browning Mk3 pistol. It will be complemented with reflex sights, and a white light illuminator.

Head Land Systems, Major General Andrew Bottrell today announced the awarding of the Lethality System Project (LAND 159) Tranche 1 contract to Queensland-based company NIOA, in the lead-up to the Land Forces 2022 Exposition in Brisbane.

Australian Defence Force

The Accuracy International AX-SR has been selected as the platform for the Long Range Sniper Capability. It will be introduced into ADF service as a multi-calibre system capable of delivering in .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum and 7.62mm NATO calibres.

Between now and the mid-2020s, NIOA will use a range of sub-contractors to supply new sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, personal defence weapons, fighting knives, and an assault breaching system to the ADF, with many of the new weapons to be on display at Land Forces.

Australian Defence Force

The Benelli M3A1 has been selected as the platform for the Combat Shotgun System. Operable in semi-automatic or pump-action mode, it is complemented with a red dot sight and white light illuminator.

Major General Bottrell said the contract would include munitions and ancillary equipment including optical and laser systems, torches and suppressors for the new generation of small arms.

Australian Defence Force

Australian manufacturer ZU Bladeworx’s Double-Edged Fighting Knife has been selected as the basis of the ADF’s new Hand-to-Hand Fighting System. The black, double-edged fighting knife has a 100mm blade, is machined from a solid billet of A2 steel and features a non-slip handle and retention ring.

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