Get to know the DAKA Single Pistol Case

The Magpul DAKA® line continues to add greater utility to your everyday life with the release of the new DAKA Single Pistol Case. Designed to be discrete and rugged, the Single Pistol Case provides a slim platform and advanced protection for carrying and storing a variety of pistols.

DAKA Single Pistol Case

On the outside, the polymer-infused DAKA material protects your handgun with its rugged, dirt-and-water-resistant polymer that includes RF welded seams. The YKK® AquaGuard® zipper includes a 550 paracord zipper pull and a pull-tab that doubles as a carabiner pass-through for securing the case.

DAKA Single Pistol Case

On the inside, we created a protective EVA foam liner that cushions your pistol and protects it against damage when things get bumpy. The streamlined form makes it perfect for extra organization in your hard cases, safes, vehicles, or anywhere else you want to keep your pistol discrete and secure.

DAKA Single Pistol Case

They’re available in Black and FDE now, so come grab yourself some pistol protection at

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