Give your boomstick something sweet to wear… the Ghosthood Rifle-Camo

This three-piece rifle camouflage fits different rifle models starting from AR-15 type rifles such as the HK416 all the way up to the heavy hitter like an AX50. Get to know the features and find out why you need one too!
Ghosthood Rifle-Camo
The Rifle-Camo kit from Ghosthood comes in three main pieces and is available in all their patterns Green, Brown and Beige to fit your needs just right.
Battel+Scope Camo: The main piece covers the biggest part of the weapon. This piece consists out of two stitched together tubes. The long tube is for the barrel. You start at the muzzle and slide it in direction of the scope. Then then you find the scope cover. Just slide it over the scope, and you will have one of to elastics with cord lockers on the front. On the ocular side you have a simple elastic loop to secure it there.
Bipod Camo: The bipod camo got two tubes that are connected with an elastic band and cordlocker. Just slide it over the bibod and you will have full function. The cord locker will be on top of the barrel. So this part can not be lost.
Stock camo: Ghosthood decided to do a garland. That way, you can wrap every buttstock with it. No issues at all.
Ghosthood Rifle-Camo
There’s an instruction video available which demonstrates how to do these steps correctly. I suggest you to watch it if you decide to buy it!
For shooting on the range: Slide the cover a bit to the back, to avoid damage caused by hot gases. If you really shoot a lot (I know, we all like to right)… make sure you remove the rifle-camo before the barrel gets too hot! You don’t want to burn it just for fun!
Ghosthood Rifle-Camo


  • Rifle-Camouflage, fits most popular long guns.
  • 3 pieces (Bipod, stock, barrel+scope)
  • CFIX loops for vegetation
  • IRR colors
  • Weight: ca. 128g

Ghosthood Rifle-Camo


  • 100% Polyester
  • Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²)

You can get yours from Triple Action (your premium Ghosthood dealer in Central Europe) and discover the full range of products too if you like to. I bet you’ll like it!

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