Ghosthood Snow Camo – for the Winter Season

If you’re preparing for the winter season and looking for the right gear to get yourself invisible to others, Ghosthood has something ready for your needs! Welcome the Ghosthood Snow Camo.

Ghosthood Snow Camo

No, it’s not a Concamo winter pattern at all as you may thought, it’s basically just a white Ghost-Hoodie, Legs and Backpack cover which is available from the company right now, but with a couple of new features to it the current line doesn’t have.

If you’re familiar with their products you know that the Ghosthood concept is to provide products that offer maximum of features but at the same time they’re as lightweight as possible. The Snow line-up sticks to this concept as well which is no surprise as the company took an Ghost-Hoodie, Ghost-Legs and Backpack-Cover to bring it up for your winter needs.

Ghosthood Snow Camo

What’s new compared to the existing line-up is that those “Snow Camo” products are water-repellent and reversible, offering you the feature to go all white and on the other side, it’s already prepped with stripes in Concamo Brown Gen2 which allow you to break up your structure immediately in areas with less snow or more vegetation which is not covered with snow at all. The transition to inside-out doesn’t take much time.

Ghosthood Snow Camo

The Snow Camo line weights a little bit more as their counterparts in Concamo Green, Brown or Beige but still remaining lightweight. For your reference, the Winter Ghost-Hoodie comes at just 616g compared to 395g for the Concamo version but still keeping the highly breathable features as you know it.

Ghosthood Snow Camo


  • Reversible from camo to pure white
  • On and off in seconds
  • Wearable with or without helmet (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • One size for all. Fits over any equipment / daypack
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage – access to holsters, belts, bags and equipment
  • Eye slit with mesh for optimal camouflage in close range (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • Optic opening for covering rifle and shoulders in pone (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • Hand camo like mittens (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • One piece without loss of parts
  • Extremely small pack size
  • More than 50 CFIX camouflage attachment points per side (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • Pieces in CONCAMO® Brown with IRR print
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage – access to leg pocket, bags (Ghost-Legs)
  • incl. optional shoe covers (Ghost-Legs)
  • 10 CFIX camouflage attachment points per leg (Ghost-Legs)
  • low-noise material
  • adjustable elastic cord for secure fit (Backpack-Cover)

Got your interest? I bet so! Head over to their website and discover the full line-up.

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