Helikon-Tex Introduces New M81 US Woodland Camouflage Gear Line

Military camouflage clothing was introduced years ago to bypass the flaws of natural materials and environmental elements historically used to disguise from the enemies’ sight. These clothes enabled anyone to wear a disguise and move freely instead of hiding in the static bushes.

M81 US Woodland

The idea of wearing camouflage field jackets and pants evolved quickly to provide us with many completely different camo patterns, designed for specific conditions and military forces. There was a parallel evolution going on at the same time though – with years going by the clothes made for and used by military professionals became available for civilians and started to get recognition as an everyday fashion.

Helikon-Tex acknowledges these changes, and so we want to present you with a whole variety of camouflage patterns used to produce clothes and gear for different purposes. No matter your passion, profession or hobby, you’ll find here a great piece of camo-product to use every day.

Along with the iconic BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), the U.S. Woodland camouflage pattern was introduced in 1981 and used for almost 20 years by the US military forces. Known in short as M81, this four-color camo marks the change in the battle environment from close-range operations, like in Vietnam, to modern, long-range ones.

Check the video to see it in action and then go through some of our best-selling products in this pattern.

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