Not only suitable on the rangeā€¦ the Range Chair from Helikon

We all know, there is never enough comfortable sitting space outdoors or on the range. The Range Chair from Helikon-Tex is the perfect solution to this issue and so it has become one of my favorite on the go chair for the activities as named above.

Range Chair

Lightweight, packable and very comfortable, it gives you the possibility to sit around and, when needed, quickly move it to another spot. Carry handles at the top or on the sides make the move around an easy thing.

Range Chair

Thanks to its very stable design, it can be used on various grounds so it will work great wherever you need to place it.

Due to its lightweight construction and small size when folded into its bag, it can be attached to your backpack or inside, so you can always have it with you.

Two mesh pockets on the sides provide you some storage room for things you like to have in reach while chilling around, and if you like to customize it, a small Velcro panel at the back gives you that ability.

Range Chair

Constructed from 500den CORDURA, Nylon and Aluminum, the Range Chair supports weight-loads up to 150kg which is a lot!

Range Chair

If you need to sit down and rest on the range or at some nice place outdoors while having a coffee or watching your shooting results, the Range Chair from Helikon-Tex is made for you.

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