Introducing – The R.A.C.C.

We came across the R.A.C.C. (Rapid Access Comms Carrier) today while browsing the net. Pretty interesting design for your BAOFENG Raido if you ask me. Learn more about it below if this got your interest too!

Say hello to the R.A.C.C. An all new radio carrier design built for the above average enthusiast. The Rapid Access Comms Carrier (RACC) is a foldout, one handed radio carrier meant for changing channels on the go or just to keep a slim profile on your kit.

Featuring an adjustable torque hinge, biothane coated nylon strap, access to your command buttons, access for PTT connector, and simple wire/antenna management. This carrier is next level awesome and we can’t wait to get out to the world.

Pre-Order will be here shortly.

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