The RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol – a first glance

This gun took the RWA crew five years to make! Was it worth it?

We got teased about this gun since summer of 2020 and nobody was actually 100% sure which model it will be, as the guys at RWA kept it as a secret not telling a single word about the model itself till they started to tease the release in mid-December.

The EXA was born and we at AMNB have been lucy to be one of the first airsoft media to get our hands on it. In this review, actually we call it a “first glance” we provide you a closer look at its features and workmanship. Due to COVID-19 and the Lockdown we have to face in our country, we’re still grounded and not able to hit the fields and run it the way it deserves it. So feedback regarding its performance over a decent period of time will follow in a separate article for you guys.


The RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol is the first GBB Pistol that RWA has ever released under the Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Distributors license. Build from the ground based on the original blue-prints by Agency Arms, the RWA EXA is a 1:1 replica of the real deal which makes it a professional training pistol for those in the need. Most notably; the pistol is the same pistol as used by Agency Arms Asset Paul Vandunk.


The EXA comes well packed in a nice looking box that provides a lot of information for you already. Featuring a QR Code which guides you straight to the RWA Group website – EXA Owner’s Manual. There you get all to know the important information’s as well a detailed “exploded view” from all parts (numbered). Nice to have in case you break something and need to order spare parts from the factory.

The package includes; the pistol, magazine and one contoured backstrap (XDM / SIG profile) as well the basic instructional manual.


Once I got to hold it for the first time, I noticed that the EXA feels very well balanced with a nice straight and solid grip to it, thanks to the Lone Wolf “Timberwolf Frame” which is different as the traditional Glock Frame. As you guys may know, the EXA is based on the Glock series.

Talking a bit more detailed about the Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame, the company is well known in the real steel world for its high quality upgrade parts for Glock Pistols. Compared to traditional Glock Frames, the Timberwolf Frame features a straighter angel for a more ergonomic grip, a higher cut and an extended beavertail that provides you with a better recoil management (real steel).

Last one in airsoft isn’t so important at all but it supports the overall grip much better. I like it!

To round-up the Frame features, Lone Wolf custom modified it to Agency Arms specifications with an all hand stippled “Shark-Scale stippling” which you can feel immediately. It’s aggressive and supports the overall grip pretty great. On the airsoft version by RWA, the stippling was reproduced as close to the original as possible to get the real hand stippled feeling from a factory mold and yeah, they did it really great. Compared to my other Glocks, I prefer it above them already.

A reversible magazine catch gives ambidextrous capabilities to the magazine release which is a great feature for left hand shooters.

At the bottom of the grip, we have a slim-lined magwell that support your reloads. It’s removable by releasing the pin what you need to do if you want to change the backstrap.


The EXA Slide is fully made out of metal like the mid-line fluted outer barrel which is housed inside, featuring all Agency Arms trademarks which are fine engraved on the ejection port.

RWA decided to add a blacked out inner barrel which is almost invisible to the eye, providing an even more authentic look. Nice attention to detail right here and much appreciated! The outer barrel is also flushed with the slide up front keeping the overall streamlined look.


The EXA features the Agency Arms Hybrid Slide Cut design up front, rear and even on top providing the typical and cool look you know from them. But these serrations doesn’t just look cool, they also support you rucking the slide backwards providing a solid grip to it. The top relief cut provides weight reduction for faster cycling times as well a better recoil management on the real gun of course.

Behind the front serrations, you find the typical Agency Arms “A” on both sides as well on the slide plate and to round up the exclusive look, right in front the rear sight fine engraved the Star – Spangled Banner.

For an already “out of the box” improved aiming performance, the pistol comes pre-installed with a fiber optic front sight and blackout rear sight, allowing for a cleaner sight picture as well as the visual consistency of a standard red dot optic.


New to the RWA Agency Arms line up is the adjustable polymer Syndicate trigger. Besides sporting the Syndicate branding and a flat design, it allows you to fine-tune the trigger sensitivity with a very short and tight pull made possible.

This is a really great feature again “out of the box” and a highlight to the EXA I would say, giving you the crispy trigger response like you wanna have it for yourself.


Following the Syndicate Trigger towards the inside, I guess some of you want to know what is under the hood. As mentioned, the EXA is based on the VFC Glock series. So for the barrel and Hop-Up Unit, it’s compatible to the Glock17 Gen.3. The blowback unit used is from a Gen.5 because it’s more gas efficient as on previous models which results in cost efficiency and so it’s more user friendly as well.

The hammer mechanism on all Glock versions is pretty much the same from Gen.3 to Gen.5 so the EXA is inter compatible with all of them. Aftermarket parts to pimp/upgrade VFC Glocks internal wise are welcome as well.


The EXA comes with a RWA 23rd Green Gas Glock style magazine with extended baseplate which prevents the magazine from damage a little bit once hitting the ground during reloads accidentally. Future more, it protects the gas valve from dust or dirt because this one is housed underneath. This magazine is compatible to all UMAREX/VFC Glock17, 19X, 45 or 18C pistols if you think about cross usage.

On the other hand, the EXA Pistol is compatible to the UMAREX mags as well the Tokyo Marui G Series magazines will fit into it about 90% RWA says.


The EXA is able to share its slide or frame with the current available Glocks from VFC if you think about using it that way too. What’s to know about is that technically it works perfect with the Gen.3s but has some issues with the Gen.4 or 5 Frames. Why? Because these newer Glock models are using the improved “guide hop” from VFC which is adjustable direct from the outside using the spring guide which results in design differences.

To summit up; Gen.4 and Gen.5 slides will not fit onto the EXA frame but the EXA slide will fit onto their frames but having a bit of a gap in between! I hope that was understandable.

Another benefit, the EXA it is fully compatible to all current available Glock holsters. So, if you own one or more already, you’re good to go. No need to invest money for a new one.


Five years in the making, was it worth it? Absolutely! The RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol definitely sets a new standard for Pistols in its price category. Featuring their exclusive licensees from Agency Arms and Lone Wolf what you know from RWA only from the much more expensive custom editions like the Agent 1 or Agent 2 just to name a few. RWA finally brought a gun out that features a lot of custom aspects already pre-installed for you ready to rock. No need to spent much money for upgrade parts. It’s in there already.

A high level of fine workmanship, attention to detail, feeling and handling was put into the EXA to provide you an outstanding out of the box performance. I know we couldn’t run it during a training or game due to Lockdown at the moment but we did run some dry drills with it and for those, we’re more than happy how the EXA felt and performed. In my opinion, the RWA EXA has the potentiality to become an award-winning pistol in 2021.

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