Safariland Announces the new 575 – IWB Holster GLS PRO-FIT

The 575 Inside-the-Waistband holster features the unique Grip Lock System (GLS™), which secures the firearm once holstered. The GLS is deactivated with the middle finger upon obtaining a standard shooting grip on the firearm. Its low-cut and compact design makes concealment easy while allowing for a quick draw. The 575 provides a fully adjustable cant for a personalized draw to accommodate for location on the body or user preference.

Included with the 575 are two belt loop options, Over-the-Belt and Under-the-Belt. The Over-the-Belt clip is designed to be removed quickly and easily. The Under-the-belt clip offers a more secure and tailored option. Constructed of SafariSeven™ a proprietary nylon blend, the holster is non-abrasive to a firearm’s finish and maintains very high heat tolerance as well as low cold tolerance.

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