It´s time to go out and become a Tactical Tracker

After their first attempt to host a “Tactical Tracker Course” back in 2016 which sadly had to be canceled, Project Gecko is now back in the game and the course is set for June this Year. If you´re interested in the concept and maybe wanna join the Gecko Team, you can read more below and hit the link to their website to book now!

We would like to invite you to our upcoming Tactical Tracker course, a unique once in a year training oppertunity. This course is valueable not only for military personal, but also for Law enforcement, Hunters or those who spend most of their time outdoor. Tracking is the skill of following a person or animal by the signs they leave behind

The purpose of a Combat Tracker is to establish or re-establish contact with a virtually “unsen” opponent, gather information about the opponent (strength, capabilities, injuries) and if necessary, recover lost or missing friendly individuals. When a man or animal moves over or through the natural environment, they alter the appearance of that environment and create disturbances in the natural pattern of the enviorment . By spotting these disturbances in visual patterns or “sign”, and determining whether or not his target created it, a tracker is able to follow the the target.

The Tactical Tracker course by Project Gecko will span over 4 days of intensive activities.The course structure is primarily designed to give the student as much ‘dirt time’ as possible. Theoretical lessons are kept to a minimum, to allow students to study sign and apply tactical tracking TTP’s in the appropriate context and environment.

For more information, registration or the course curriculum simply click on the button below !

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