The heavy hitter of GBBRs – a faithful replica from the real deal

Without a doubt, this rifle had my full attention right out of the box! The heavy hitter of GBBRs from VFC (Vega Force Company) that has been released last year already finally made its way over to us here at AMNB. Yeah, I know I shared teaser pictures from it a long time ago and promised to provide the review soon afterwards. However, due to the Corona situation, I wasn´t really able to go out the past months and run this rifle like it deserves it.

As the game sites are still closed, and I can´t really run it in field, I decided to write down my thoughts and what I could test as possible. So let´s dive into it I say.


The ECC (Enhanced Combat Carbine) version of the SR25 is a rifle that was born in battle due to the feedback from soldiers deployed in the Middle East. As a DMR attached to the squads, this rifle had to provide superior knock down power on longer distances but at the same time, the soldier who was in charge of it had to deal with CQB scenarios as well. As the standard SR25/M110 is a long dude and comes with a fixed stock and longer barrel that soon had become a pain in the ass for the guy who tried to operate it. Sneaking around corners or into rooms with less to no space was hell. Imagine the long suppressor was attached too!

A solution had to be found and so the SR25 ECC was born. Retractable stock (5 positions), shorter barrel 16” instead of 20” without losing too much effective distance, the SR25 ECC comes in an overall length from 35.75” (91cm) – 39.5” (100cm) compared to the SR25/M110: 46.75” (119cm).

But enough about the real steel hitter, let´s talk about the BB Blaster now.

Starting with the dimensions compared to the real thang, Vega Force Company did a great job. It´s 1:1. Weight you ask? VFC SR25 ECC 7.9lbs (3.6kg) Real SR25 ECC 8.4lbs (4.1kg) – of course, it´s a bit less but still close and those of you who like it “as real as it gets” will be pleased. It´s heavy and steady!

Talking about realism, as the VFC rifle is a fully licensed model by Knights Armament USA, every marking sit where they should be, made 1:1 and there´s a lot of attention to detail right here. I´m sure you will be pleased.


The URX 3.1 rail system on the VFC SR25 ECC was also improved to reduce weight and make it handier for the operator thanks to the cut out picatinny rail itself. Small sections at the 3-6-9 o´clock position up front and close to the body offer you enough space to add whatever you want to place there. And if this is not enough for you, use the rail that goes all over the top.

To engage closer targets very quick, 45° off-set sights are added as a standard to the real rifle and so to the BB Blaster as well. VFC did a great job here as the Knights markings are engraved too and we talk about very, very tiny once. “attention to detail – expert level” just saying.

As on the real rifle, a standard SOPMOD style Rifle Stock which is retractable into 5 positions to fit the shooters needs depending on the job comes with it. I´m personally not as much a big fan of this Stock. Magpul or PTS does the job for me very well at this end of a rifle. The Stock itself fells a bit wobbly regardless of the position but that´s not a big issue point. It´s just a little bit but we need to be correct here too.

Going all the way forward to the leaving end from the URX, you see the end of the faithful replicated Knights signature outer barrel 16” (40.64cm) 1:10 Twist including the gas block and the very well done flash hider which is ready to take an Knights suppressor straight on. Both are made accurate “AF” and in my opinion, “it is the dot on the i” as seen from the outside!

Real Steel side note regarding the flash hider: This flash hider supports reduction of ground disturbance and location identification already for use without an supressor.

On the airsoft version we have a great feature right at the gas block that VFC has added for the players. Their latest patented GuideHOP. Using an small allen® key, you´re good to go adjusting the Hop in field within no time. Absolutely great take and highly user friendly as you may know it from previous newer released VFC rifles too!

Like on the real rifle, the VFC SR25 ECC fires on semi auto only. Means for the fire selector, you can choose Safe and Fire as it’s meant to be a DMR. Even for an airsoft rifle, it really can be used for that job but more on it a bit later.

What´s more to talk about on the receiver? Switches. More precisions, Magazine release and Bolt Catch. Both are enlarged, easy to access and both are made for right and left hand shooter which is a must nowadays.

Enough reading for a moment. If you missed our “teaser video”, you can enjoy it now if you like.


Classic short mag as made for the AR-10 rifle platform. The airsoft version holds 20 BBs. This mag is not new at all as VFC sell it for a while already. But what is to notice about this mag? Compared to the newer once from the SCAR-Line, it´s less gas efficient. I don´t know why but I hope that VFC fixes this issue someday and make it a performer as the SCAR once.

But don´t worry! You get your 20 BBs and some more out of the barrel when it´s filled up.

A small feature if you want to practice/dry fire without sending BBs down range, there´s a switch on top the mag that allows you to deactivate the bolt lock mechanism on the rifle.


The core, the inside the place where the magic of a GBBR happens. VFC has taken several steps to ensure this gun is also as light as possible with parts such as their lightweight outer barrel.

Internally, the desire for weight reduction did not cause VFC to cheapen their quality. They did reinforce parts such as:

  • Steel Fire Controls
  • High Speed Weight Increased Buffer Unit
  • Anti-Damage Design Hammer
  • Steel Buffer Retainer Pin
  • High Ductility Plastic Nozzle Set
  • Steel Trigger
  • Steel Ambi Bolt Catch
  • Steel Anti-Impact Bolt Carrier Assembly

to provide you, the user a solid and strong rifle that performs great and holds up a decent time. Due to the Corona situation all over and closed game sites, I can´t tell you guys more about the durability of the rifle as I haven´t got the chance to use it quite often since I got it.


Beside the outstanding look and workmanship of this rifle the most interesting part for a player right. I got the chance to take it to my local shooting range for a short time. I went to the 50m lane and gave it a try. For this test I used 0.30g RWA Precision Grade BBs and NIMROD RED Performance Gas. After I adjusted the correct HOP UP setting I was able to send three full mags down range and what can I say: The BBs flew like they have been pinned on a line! Without a doubt, I was highly impressed!

As typical for a DMR shooter, I did smooth single shots, just a few double taps without noticing significant power losses regarding Gas efficiency. Of course, a few BBs didn´t made it to the 50m (double tap shots) but that´s normal for a GBBR.

I´m also pretty sure that this rifle can get good results over 60m with even heavier BBs. The Weather God “Zeus” was a kind dude this day (I think he likes the VFC SR25 ECC too). The conditions for this test: 25°C, no wind, blue sky. (I own you a bottle of wine man)!

Regarding to these results, can the VFC SR25 ECC fulfil a DMR role in airsoft? A big YES from my point of view!

Another thing that has to be pointed out from the rifle is the recoil it delivers once you pull that trigger which “breaks like glass” like my good friend Marck from RWA said about. Thanks to the High Speed Weight Increased Buffer Unit, the ECC is definitely one of the hardest kicking GBBRs I have ever shot. Really guys, you need to fell that. So lovely. And if the stock version doesn’t kick hard enough for you, there´s a kit available from Angry Gun called “Stainless Steel Super Recoil Kit” – go and get that one for an even harder kick!


Alright, I think we have covered the whole rifle and talked about the important things. Do I think it´s worth the money? I do! If you like this type of rifle, being the DMR guy in your team and of course the GBBR platform, you will be pleased with it. Even as a collector’s piece. As with all GBBRs, you need to have great warm weather conditions to get the best fun out of it.

The attention to detail with the engraved Knights Armament logos, flash hider, gas block and barrel just to name a few as well the workmanship is outstanding, well done and kudos to Vega Force Company for that. With an out of the box performance of ~420fps, the ECC is a great outdoor rifle that provides a solid performance and fun on the field.

A bit of a sad point to me is that the upper and lower receiver finish from “die cast” doesn’t look so nice and for a gun like this, superior material for an overall realistic look “out of the box” would has been appreciated. Let´s see how this turns out when the used-look hits in.

As the new Knights SR25/M110 models have been updated right out of the factory already with an Magpul Stock and Pistol Grip as well the new M-LOK URX rail, I think a modern take or at least and upgrade-kit for the current one from VFC would be much appreciated from my point of view.

You get the VFC SR25 ECC from authorized deals such as RedWolf Airsoft in Hong Kong and the UK based shop too. US players check EVIKE for one and central European players you may have a look at Kotte & Zeller in Germany for one.

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