It´s not over, till it´s over because, it´s still Glocktober!

That´s right folks, October 31st – “Halloween” so we decided to add some seasonal flavor to this product presentation of the NEW WE Airsoft G17 Gen5 MOS and is there any better month in the year to come up with a “Glock” presentation as Glocktober? I think: nope!

We got our hands on the G17 MOS from WE beside our partners from Airsoft Action to share the experience between us. Well, as this thing called COVID-19 still holds us down from doing things as we like to, we can´t actually provide a solid field test on the MOS atm. So here´s an overview from our site paired with the full review written by Bill from Airsoft Action.

Make sure you hit the link to their latest issue below to read it if you want to gather more information. Bill has to say a lot about it that should be from interest for you for sure.


The G17 MOS looks well done and it feels solid in your hand. WEs “G Models” are one of the first choices for many players as they trust their performance and like the cost/performance ratio too, compared to others. As the G17 MOS is one of the first airsoft Glocks that offer the “Modular Optic System” right out of the box, the MOS quickly became one of their bestselling items in Countries where it´s already available.

Also great, the gun comes with four baseplates for your optic of choice right out of the box, so you don´t have to search the net for aftermarket parts forever to get your optic on it.

Picture from Airsoft Action

Picture from Airsoft Action

I prefer the Trijicon RMR which works with the 0 2 baseplate. The mounting is pretty easy and quickly done. Bill runs it with his RMS and as you can see, it fits straight on as well.

Once you installed the optic, you may notice that the original preinstalled front & rear sights won’t work well again as they are too low. No problem with the MOS as WE already put you a new pair of “raised” sights into the package. Nice!

Also important for you, the MOS models don’t work with other G-type mags from WE! Why is this so you now ask yourself? Here´s a video that has just been released from WE Airsoft to give you the answer to exactly this question.

Check it out:

Alright, at this point of the spotlight where you got some basic information about the G17 MOS, I now hand over the word to my friend Bill of Airsoft Action to let you dive way more deeply into it with his nice write-up about the gun. Sit back, relax and enjoy a very good read…

When it comes to what I use on my AEGs and GBBs it’s always ALL about choice, and therefore I like the option to have a RDS mounted on my pistol, but in some games I also want the choice to be able to run my pistol “clean”, and this is where the WE Airsoft G17 Gen5 MOS gets my full approval. The MOS was one of the “from the box orginators” when it comes to being able to mount a RDS on your pistol simply and easily, and also remove it just as simply if you just want to run a fairly “vanilla” secondary. We’ve talked a lot about G-Series models in Red Cell this month, and although the MOS is featured there in its base form (and got good approval on quality and performance from the group in this guise!), it’s when you start to look at the modualirity of the pistol that it REALLY begins to shine, as its core feature is the MOS platform on the slide, which allows you to adapt and install mainstream pistol red dot optics onto the slide directly without any permanent modification!

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