M81 Woodland has been added to the Carinthia Camo Matrix

Carinthias G-LOFT® TLG Jacket is a classic that shouldn’t be missed in once collection in my opinion! If you’re not into solid colors and more into the camouflage game, M81 is hot even tho it’s “the year of the tiger”!

Check out the TLG facts below!

TLG Jacket M81 Woodland

For the first time, the new and innovative Carinthia ISO Mapping®-Technologie was used in the G-LOFT®  TLG series. The implementation of the G-LOFT® Variations Ci and STi guarantees an innovative protection against the cold, which warms where it is needed.

Merging the benefits of G-LOFT® Ci (Compact Insulation) and G-LOFT® STi (Stable Insulation) gives the jacket a performance-oriented heat-to-weight ratio (even for the transitional period).

TLG Jacket M81 Woodland

The integration of Techno Stretch (torso and forearm area) ensures optimum freedom of movement. Underarm mesh inserts create an ideal body climate, guaranteeing proper ventilation of these areas..

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