Clawgear Off-Duty Shorts,… great for swimming & for the beach

Gear-up for summer! Wanna keep your “tacticool” look off the field? Of course you will. Then you may want to call the Off-Duty Shorts from CLAWGEAR your own for the season.

Concepted as one of their crew internal fun projects, everybody who saw it wanted to have it. herefore Clawgear decided to release these swimming trunks as a one-time production run with strictly limited quantity for everybody who can’t get rid of Multicam clothing even at the beach. These trunks are definitely a head-turner wherever they show up. The genuine Multicam non-water-soaking fabric is perfectly appropriate for this kind of purpose and dries quickly.

Limited Edition of 1000pcs
– Quick-drying swimming trunks
– Velcro front closure and width adjustable with cord
– Designed for leisure time and EDC activities
– Roomy side pockets with eyelets to let water drain quickly
– Hidden inside pocket for documents, money, etc.

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