GBLS announced the release of an DAS M4A1 which should be soon available!

As for GBLS itself, I think there’s no future explanation needed at this point. Why did they came up with a pretty basic M4A1 you may ask? Well, I think as a professional training tool, the M4A1 is the gold standard not only for the US Military.
If you want to train force on force effective, cost efficient and as real as it gets, this is the modern way!


  • Length : 756/838mm (29.75/33in)
  • Mass : 2.95kg(6.5lb)
  • Barrel Length : 368(14.49in)
  • Cartridge : 5.95mm BB
  • Feed system : GBLS mag
  • Modes : Auto / Semi / Safe / Ambi Selectors
  • Rate of fire : 700-900rounds/min
  • 300-350fps(0.9-1.2J)
  • Power source : 11.1v Li-po 450mAh
  • AL7075 FORGING Receiver, CNC machining


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