Know your Nods!

The guys at LUNOX want to talk a little bit about the 16mm IIT’s, because they use exactly this type of IIT for their RNVG to create a good and attractively priced alternative for the European hindsight market.

Get to know how and why this type of lease is maybe right for you too!

16mm IIT
In fact the 16mm IIT’s work exactly the same way as the standard 18mm IIT’s. Why did they go the extra mile to build 16mm ITT’s? The answer is simple… . The 16mm ITT’s have simple advantages such as lower power consumption, therefore better energy efficiency, they weigh about 30g less than the standard 18mm ANIV ITT’s. As a result of the slightly smaller diameter, the field of view is reduced from 40° (with standard 18mm IITs) to 38°.

This means that 16mm IITs are not attractive for every customer, but they are still a very good and relatively inexpensive alternative with a good performance.

16mm IIT

16mm vs. 18mm with normal 40° FOV lense kit. The standard 40° FOV of the 18mm IIT compared to the 38° FOV of the 16mm IIT.

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