Happy Tuesday folks! Here’s what’s new in at Land Warrior

Based in the UK, Nuprol are a great brand that offers GunsAttachmentsAccessories and more for all budgets! If you’re looking for the latest trends in guns and gear, featuring all the latest ideas and innovations, Nuprol has your back!


We just received many of their new Kydex Holster Range, and so far we’re extremely impressed! Great Retention without unnecessary modification whilst keeping your sidearm easily accessible, and always at the ready. With both universal and dedicated designs, such as for Glocks1911’s, and P226’s, for both with and without lights, and options for rails, red dots, and even some tracer units or suppressors that follow the slide profile thanks to their open-ended design!


We also received a restock of their new Molle Ammunition Bags and the Fast Load/Ultra series of speedloaders along with the attachments for other types of magazines, which sold fast after our previous restock!


The ammunition bags can hold up to 3000 rounds, meaning you don’t ever have to be caught short on the field again, available in your favourite tactical colours and patterns – beats carrying a bottle of BBs in your pack! Pair it with an Ultra loader, with both the standard – capable of holding another 3000 rounds – and Ultra Silent – less carrying capacity, but next to no noise thanks to the internal rubber coating! – variants available right now!



We also received a general restock of many other Nuprol goodness, from Gun Bags and Hardcases, to Batteries and Magazines!

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