How to – Installation of the MEC PRO Trigger

Join us in this guide on “how to” get the new MEC PRO Trigger installed into the PTS RADIAN Model 1 GBBR. If you run a KWA LM4 Series gun or a PTS Mega Arms AR-15, this video helps you out too as the systems are the same.

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The MEC Pro Trigger will enable a trigger pull closer with ease for your boomstick. The straight trigger blade design provide a short pull geometry.


  • Steel alloy construction
  • Straight trigger blade design
  • Short pull geometry


  • Material:Steel Alloy
  • Finish:Phosphate Coating
  • Manufacturing Process: Precision Machining
  • Weight:20g

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MEC is a brand new design house formed by airsoft industry veterans and highly experienced engineers and designers. MEC will specialize in upgrade internal and external airsoft parts & accessories and will focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the airsoft industry.