Introducing | LASO by MOHOC

If you run a MOHOC Camera and want to expand your range of transmitting your mission critical footage to teammates and other partys, then the LASO system is for you!

SHOT Show, Las Vegas, NV. – MOHOC, Inc., creator of the world’s first military-optimized helmet cameras, today launched LASOTM, a WiFi-based Tactical Video Transmitter to livestream video from MOHOC® Cameras to teammates and command.

Small, rugged and easy-to-use, LASO™ is a two-part booster system that extends the MOHOC® Camera’s existing WiFi streaming distance up to 10 times the stand-alone camera (line-of-sight up to 200m/650ft). The operational benefits for real-time situational awareness include EOD, room clearing, K9, riot control, surveillance, and training.

MOHOC, Inc. Vice President of Product Development, Dan Fuhrman, commented “Since pre-launch at SOFIC and Eurosatory in 2018, tactical operators have successfully deployed LASO™ beta-test units. Thanks to their feedback, the product is now ready for the mass market. As MOHOC’s first Tactical Video Transmitter, LASO™ represents our commitment to pioneer live-streaming video technology specifically developed for defense and law enforcement.”

LASO™ is a rapidly deployed system that requires nothing more than powering on and opening the app. Cable-free and body-worn, LASO™ consists of a transmitter unit that accompanies the operator with the MOHOC® Camera, and a pre-paired viewer unit that stays with those watching the video on phone or tablet through MOHOC’s iOS or Android app.

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