Do you even face pro, bro?

A lot of airsofters choose not to wear face protection because it’s too uncomfortable, too hot and not cool either. A lot of airsofters also get their teeth shot out…

Having witnessed the pain in person as a comrade in arms suddenly had a need to book an expensive appointment with the dentist, I tend to wear a mask more often than not – and always in CQB.

On test today are basically two versions of the same mask from OneTigris, both fully licensed by Division S.I.X. The T’Farge Comfort Airsoft Mask – are these from planet Vulcan? – Comfort Airsoft Mask and a version ‘With Ear Pro’. I’m sure you can work out what the difference is.

In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Chinese manufacturer OneTigris was established in 2014. Many people discover their products via Amazon, where I’ve bought and used several of their products and every one has been solidly constructed and well priced. That must come from their mission to, ‘Strive to provide good, quality gear for tactical and every day purposes’.

New mask on the block

Only just released last month, OneTigris have produced these masks under license from Division S.I.X. – the company that was founded by British designer Nikira Garcia to create protective face masks that offer a great sight picture.

Both T’Farge Comfort Airsoft Mask share many similarities. The most critical aspect is the impact protection over the nouse, mouth – and ears on the second version – which is constructed of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) that has been tested at 380FPS impact resistance at one metre. They’ve certainly shrugged off some fairly close range headshots in our testing with barely a mark to show.

Form and function

They work then, but what are they like to wear? Pretty comfortable, actually. These are way easier to run all day than standard wire mesh, thanks to the soft breathable lining on the padded cheek sides. The 1000D Nylon construction – 500D Cordura for MultiCam – should mean they’re durable and can stand up to abuse from dirt, water and abrasion.

The ergonomic design of the nasal bridge makes a better fit than many masks I’ve used and doesn’t squash my schnoz as much as some. And as someone that can fog up goggles just by looking at them, I’m pleased to report that the close cheek weld helps to prevent warm exhaled breath from traveling directly up into goggles – and in doing so, reduces fog. The difference isn’t night and day, but it’s a welcome bonus.

Both are lightweight at just 90g for the $24 standard and 110g for the $26 version with ear pro. There are two adjustable straps each side so you can tailor the fit to your liking. They’re well placed and effective for both small and large skulls from our testing – a common problem at either extreme. The ‘base’ model also comes with optional helmet attachment straps, which is a nice touch.

Get down on it

Simply by introducing a physical layer, any mask will make it harder to get down on the sights, but as per Division S.I.X.’s original ambitions for the T’Farge, it does a decent job of getting out of the way as much as possible.

Of course the sight profile will never be quite as low as bare-faced, but this is possibly the closest I’ve found from any face pro that actually has any pro around your face. I’ve used both masks with a range of rifles, from the standard M4 to a 5-series Sig, bullpups and even a sniper rifle to find out that this is probably the least intrusive solution I’ve tried to date. I’d say Division S.I.X. nailed the original design and OneTigris have done a great job making the transition from handmade to mass production.

Ear pros and cons

Just two bucks for added ear protection seems like good value and the more comprehensive offering shares all of the same positive attributes. There is one caveat though – it took me a long time to set the straps to my satisfaction lining up the ear cups with my ear holes. This wasn’t a problem for other users, so I might just have weird ears and yours might line up perfectly first time.

It’s worth noting that for my resident pinhead tester (the missus), the ear cups ended up behind her lobes no matter how we adjusted it. Which is a shame for the cranially conservative, because this mask has now become my go-to CQB kit for when the action gets up close and personal.

Both variants are available in MultiCam, MultiCam Black, OD Green, Black, and Tan

And as an aside in these crazy COVID-19 times – don’t think you can use either T’Farge as your mandatory face mask in the safe zone. Those holes might stop a BB coming in, but they won’t do anything against a virus…


As I’ve come to expect from OneTigris products, the T’Farge Comfort Airsoft Mask are well made, robust and certainly do their job well. I’d happily recommend them to any airsofter looking for comfort and function from their face protection.

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