WA Nighthawk Custom GRP


Big Review by Popular Airsoft about the RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP

In early December 2015, Popular Airsoft broke the story of RWA releasing what they claim to be the “most realistic” airsoft pistol ever — the RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Steel Version. Indeed, it is a premium 1911 airsoft pistol that comes with a jaw-dropping price of US$1,280.00. However, this pistol is not alone in the rarefied air of expensive and premium airsoft pistols, there is Inokatsu and of course, the custom works from the Airsoft Surgeon. If we are to shell out our hard-earned money for this, what does RWA offer us to justify its price tag?

Read the full review here: www.popularairsoft.com/reviews/rwa-nighthawk-custom-grp


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RWA Nighthawk Custom GRPRWA Nighthawk Custom GRP