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From 26.09.2014 to 28.09.2014 we attended the Sniper Seminar Observation & Evasion by Project Gecko in the Austrian Alps near Salzburg in Austria.

This Event was supported by CLAW GEAR, and SIMGUN.



Backpacked with all the stuff we needed during this event, we started from the valley into the mountains of the Tennengebirge to learn our first lesson “The Wall”. Eli the Instructor told us in this lesson that the Wall is a physical and mental obstacle that we first need to pass. So we moved on to pass our metaphorical Walls!

Sniper Seminar Observation & Evasion by Project Gecko



After we arrived, our next checkpoint we learned how we can move as snipers, silently and unnoticed through the forest. These movement techniques are called catwalks and knifewalks. Later that day we arrived at our final destination and we had built a concealed camp in the forest with our tarps. To test our new knowledge, we used the movement techniques in the total darkness (without NVG) during the Infiltration of a simulated enemy camp. Not that easy!

Sniper Seminar Observation & Evasion by Project Gecko


A new day with new challenges. As snipers, it’s essential to train the brain to keep things in mind and have a good memory to give full reports to your HQ. So we tried different degrees of difficulty in Kim’s Game.

Sniper Seminar Observation & Evasion by Project Gecko



After this more theoretical part of this course we started to get more into the practical part of the course. The company SIMGUN equipped our sniper rifles with their system which is a Laser Duel Simulator. More Intel about it can be found on the SIMGUN Website.

Sniper Seminar Observation & Evasion by Project Gecko

During this event we learned a lot more such as:

  • Sniper Shooting Positions
  • Rifle, Sling, Equipment and Scope with Mount
  • METT System // (Mission, Enemy, Terrain and weather, Troops)
  • 6S // Sounds, Shape Silouette, Shadow Shine Surroundings Colors Movement)
  • 4SMC // 4s – (Shadow, Sound, Silouette & Shine Movement Color)
  • OCOKA System // Observation and Fields of Fire, Cover and Concealment, Obstacles (hot and cold), Key or Decisive Terrain, Avenues of Approach

to solve our…



At the last day of the course Eli comes up with the final mission. What to do? Get into operation area, get in sniping position, conceal yourself, observe and report, take out the target.


We want to thank all the participants, supporters and the Team of Project Gecko for a great course. It was a pleasure to meet you and you can be sure you will see us on an upcoming event! A special greeting to my bearded Bros from Austria. Mike



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