UF PRO Now Offering Its All-Round Weather-Protective Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket in Improved MultiCam Fabric.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (29 Dec. 2020) — UF PRO today announced it has begun making its popular lightweight Hunter FZ Gen.2 tactical jacket in an improved MultiCam fabric designed to help wearers stay warmer in low temperatures and be better protected against inclement weather.


The move represents an expansion of the UF PRO MultiCam Low-Temperature Line, which currently includes Multicam versions of the company’s Delta OL 3.0 Tactical Winter Jacket, Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket, and AcE Winter Combat Shirt.

According to Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development, the company began offering its Hunter FZ Gen.2 MultiCam garment today.

The newly improved MultiCam fabric is a laminate formed from a 100-percent polyamide face material layered atop a membrane made of polyurethane, Wagner explained.

“This is the softest MultiCam material yet, so it emits less noise as the wearer moves about,” he said. “It’s also fully windproof and extremely water-repellent, which affords the wearer protection in weather ranging from light rain to high winds.

Wagner noted that the improved fabric exhibits an impressively high sheer-strength thanks to a special ripstop weaving technique used in producing the face layer.

“Wearers will be very pleased by its abrasion resistance,” he said. “It holds up exceptionally well, even after being continuously rubbed against by backpacks, plate carriers, and other gear.”

The improved MultiCam fabric is a perfect fit for the Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket, which is favored among military and law-enforcement operators for its comfort-enhancing features, such as mesh side-panels that provide cooling ventilation to prevent overheating and a 37.5™ microfleece lining that helps keep the inside of the garment dry by very efficiently dissipating sweat.

“The jacket is also a favorite because it folds up compactly for easy stowing inside a backpack,” Wagner added.

For more information about the UF PRO MultiCam Low-Temperature Line. Visit >> www.ufpro.com