Introducing | The Flux Pistol Brace for Glocks

This system got our attention a couple weeks ago already during SHOT and as our statside friends from Milsim Media always have the “good connections”, they had the opportunity to shoot the thing. Check it out if you love to…

We were invited out to a private indoor range session at LV Shooting Center in Las Vegas, NV. All ammo used during this session was from the local manufacturer Nevada Ammunition. (link below)

Roger of QVO Tactical (Check out his Channel and VLOG links below) brought out the FLUX Pistol Brace. Now this thing stirred up quite the storm at Shot Show. You want to hate it but it works so well its not even funny. I will say this, don’t knock until you actually shoot it. It is a little awkward to hold with the brace not extended but its not terrible. Upon deploying the brace it instantly feels so wrong but right at the same time when you shoulder it.

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