An MPU5 “dummy” that won’t break the bank and there’s more…

If you want to be on the high level when it comes down to communication, the MPU5 Radio from Persistent Systems is the shit you need! Unfortunately, as a non active duty member of the armed forces it’s kinda hard to get hands on one,… except you’re willing to sell off some of your organs (just saying)!


So for those of you that can’t wait but won’t sell their organs, here’s a replica version from FCS that offers you the feature to look as up to date as possible while you rock your MilSim/Reenactment Kit on the field plus, the feature to upgrade it to an actually working radio! I know, hold your breath, hold it,…I said hold it!


Made out of plastic, the FCS-MPU5 replica looks well made to offer you what it should “a good look” on your setup. Lots of labels to customize it the way you want it are included and need to be stick in place on the exact position as on the real deal. Multiband and a variation of frequencies can be chosen by you. Have it your way.


The radio antennas, connectors etc. needs to be assembled. All small parts are stored inside the “radio body”. Just open up the back slowly to avoid breaking some of the fake screws. The whole process to get all together shouldn’t take you much longer then 10-15min if you’re skilled!

Once all is put together, you’re ready to use it.

As mentioned, there’s an option to upgrade this dummy to a working radio. How you do it? Simple, you can already order the FCS-MPU5 in three different versions or let’s say kits:

Type A:
1:1 Size Dummy Radio Case
No function

Type B :
1:1 Size Dummy Radio Case
Comes with Kenwood / Baofeng Cable Adapter

Type C :
Only Kenwood / Baofeng Cable Adapter no Radio


With a little bit of work, you’re good to go to make the FCS-MPU5 a home for your Kenwood or Baofeng radio. The kits also include ports that offer you the possibility to use your PTTs that already work with your Kenwood or Baofeng radio.

If you want to go the extra mile, there’s also a replica from Persistent Systems Dual PTT around the market. So, if you want to be 100% accurate, this is it!

Never heard of this radio before? What the hell is wrong with you?! Want to know what the real deal can do for your business needs? Learn all you need to know about it right here and be ready to drop some knowledge bombs about it on the field once somebody is asking.

The FCS-MPU5 replica comes under $100 (without the PTT) which is ok.

You can get it from various shops such as:

Shooter Combat Gear 

J.K. Army


and others…

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