A Kydex Holster worth an investment!

If you’re a long term AMNB reader, you know that we have a passion for holsters! We’ve worked with various different companies over the past years to provide feedback and even got involved into a production process to bring out a “first of its kind” holster for the M17/M18 P320 platform.

The latest one to our collection comes out of a UK based smithy called Kydex Customs and I’m pretty sure some of you guys heard about or maybe already bought a holster from.



We got their Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster (Glock Version) in which is able to take a SureFire X300 Series weaponlight in it which is no surprise once you have read the product name mindful.

If you’re not a SF kinda guy, no problem, the Olight PL family is possible too.

Ours came pre-installed with an Safariland Mid-Rid baseplate and leg strap. This is an “extra feature“ you have to add to the order if you’re in the need. Already included with the holster purchase are 3 mounting screws what brings us to the point that this holster is able to connect to any baseplate using a 3 screw system such as Safariland, Blade Tech, G-Code, G-Code RTI, Blackhawk just to name a few for you.

Editors Note: I personally think, it’s always worth to buy a complete system so you’re ready to roll out of the box and don’t have to look for parts afterwards. That also guarantees you that all of your holsters in the locker room are always ready when you need them.

I know and understand that some of you are maybe on a budget and need to interchange, but then just start thinking about buying when you can afford a set. But that’s just me thinking loud…


Once holding it in hand for the first time, this holster feels like a well-made, solid piece of gear you’re glad to holster your sidearm in. You can feel the good quality and workmanship.

All of their holsters are made in the UK from a mould which was entirely designed and manufactured by themselves, making it the best holster possible that they can bring to the market the company told us.

The Glock Version as seen here fits the 17, 18, 19, 22 and 34 model. Both, real steel and airsoft replica like a glove. We also tried our RWA EXA (VFC/UMAREX based Glock) with it and it fit as well.


As this modularity isn’t enough already, the Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster has an RMR cut as standard, providing you the ability to rock your favorite reddot with it at any time.

Furthermore, it also accepts guns with threaded barrels and suppressor height sights, as well extended slides and magazine releases to roundup the build in features.



The Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster is manufactured from genuine 2mm (.08”) P1 Kydex what makes it a strong partner in the field that withstand the toughest conditions. The Kydex itself is available in Black, Olive Drab and Coyote Brown.

As an additional feature, Kydex Customs offers various “Cordura Wraps” to make it a perfect match for your business needs. As seen on ours is Ranger Green but there’s way more in their offer as you can see right below.


Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster


As already mentioned, the gun fits into this holster like a glove. No wobbling, perfectly tight what results in a strong fit which can be adjusted using the “adjustment screws” on the side as you know it from other Kydex holster systems like this one.


I never felt I have to worry about losing the gun while running, crawling or roping which is a good sign in my opinion. Don’t you agree?

Drawing the gun requires a decent pull “depending on the tightness adjustment” of your preference of course. If you like it stronger such as myself, make sure you run your holster with a leg strap if it’s not directly attached with its center on a belt.


This not only supports your while on the move, it’s also a nice little friend when it comes down to drawing the gun. It keeps the holster more stable & in position on your thigh as well straight which prevents you from a bad time feeling and not presenting the gun straight and safe. (If you been there, you know what I’m talking about).


One small issue (if you want to call it so) I noticed during the drawing process. The upper front piece from the holster which goes a bit higher could be cut out a little bit in the section where your trigger & middle finger slides over. I marked this section in RED in the picture below.

It feels a little bit annoying to me as I couldn’t grab it 100% comfortable in my opinion. Less is more at this section from the holster to provide an even better and faster grip to draw, and present the gun just right. But once again, that’s maybe just me having this issue regarding how I grab the gun etc.!


If this quick review of the Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster from Kydex Customs got your interest, I recommend you to head over to their website to check out the full features and what more the company has in their offer which is a bit!

The holster is available starting at £59,99. Check it out and thanks for reading.

Grab yours here >> www.kydexcustomsuk.com


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