Upgrade your VFC Glock with the ZEV Combat Sight Set

When you buy a stock gun, touched and played with it once you automatically start looking at it and think; You’re nice, welcome to my collection but how can I improve you to get you better. Mostly players think about the internals but in this overview, we stick to the outside or to be a bit more presided; to the sights.

ZEV Combat Sight Set

The latest new released parts that come fully licensed by ZEV Technologies for PTS Syndicate is the ZEV Combat Sight Set especially made for the VFC G17 Gen3-4 / G19 Gen3 / G18C and G45 Gen5 Series and Tokyo Marui G17 TM G Series.

ZEV Combat Sight Set


The Combat Sight Set comes with plain black rear sights and a bright fiber front sight. This combination gives a shooter a clear picture and easy pickup of the front sight to get shots on target faster and more confidently under all lighting conditions. The wide rear square notch combined with the narrow front sight post increases sight alignment precision and sight picture confidence for accurate longer distance shots.

If you have read our latest review about the >>RWA EXA Pistol<<, this system should sound familiar to you.

ZEV Combat Sight Set


The Sight Set is very easy to install. Just remove the slide, get the spring guide and barrel out to get access to the front screw – unscrew the front sight and replace it with the ZEV.

ZEV Combat Sight Set

Maybe you have to do some little adjustments to get it in place correct due to manufacturing tolerances like I had to on my G45 Gen5. The red fiber which goes into the front sight needs to be cut in as well. But be patient! The fiber breaks very easy and you don’t want to cut away too much in case you need to replace it someday what is possible.

To replace the rear sight, you need to get the slide plate off because it’s screwed in place from the inside of the slide. The rear sight itself then needs to get slide out to the right side from the slide (as seen from the shooters position).

ZEV Combat Sight Set

Get the plain black rear ZEV sight on, put everything back together and you’re ready to roll again. The serrations on the sight bodies helps to reduce glare for a crisp sight picture and the aesthetic ZEV slashes on the rear sight body sides give the Combat Sight Set a distinctive flair.

ZEV Combat Sight Set


  • Color – Black
  • Material – Steel Alloy
  • Compatibility – Tokyo Marui G17 (TM G Series)
  • Compatibility – VFC G17 Gen3-4 / G19 Gen3 / G18C (VFC) / G45 Gen5
  • Weight – 15g approx. (without packaging)
  • Dimension – 250x152x50mm


The PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set is definitely a great upgrade to your Glock replacing the standard sights not just because they’re made from steel allow instead of polymer providing a much longer lifetime. The modern, improved, slim and clear sight picture provides the shooter the ability to pick-up targets much faster as with standards sights. Thanks to the red fiber in the front sight, shooting under all light conditions are basically the same. What means: clear and straight on point. I can only imagine how good the real steel ZEV sights are. I think, I should bring them up for a comparison one day.

If you want to do yourself and of course your beloved Glock a favor, get a pair of those!

Grab yours from the PTS main webpages:

International >> www.ptssyndicate.com

USA >> www.ptssyndicate.us

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