Expand your carry capacity with stackable Ten-Speed Mag Pouches

With Stackable Ten-Speed Mag Pouches, you can add a second layer of rifle/pistol pouches or attach other MOLLE-compatible accessories.

Ten-Speed Mag Pouch

A single MOLLEminus column on the front of each mag pocket makes it possible to double stack magazine pouches (pistol or rifle) or attach most other MOLLE accessories.

Ten-Speed mag pouches use high-retention elastic to securely hold AR magazines of various sizes. They work with both metal and polymer-based M16 and M4 mags and are sized around a STANAG M4 magazine. Ten-Speed mag pouches also hold various AR mags, such as Magpul’s Gen 3 mag and other similar sized magazines.

Ten-Speed Mag Pouch

Several colors are available in single, double, and triple mag configurations.

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