Inroducing – The FAST Micro-S Mount

The FAST™ Micro-S Mount from UNITY Tactical places Aimpoint CompM5s, CompM5b, and Duty RDS sights at 2.26″ optical center line above weapon rails.

FAST Micro-S Mount

This stance makes these optics fully compatible with our patented Flip-To-Center Magnifier Mounts and provides all the same application benefits found with legacy FAST Mounts.

The FAST™ Micro-S Mount comes with a standard rail-grabber clamp mount, but is designed to readily accept a drop-in American Defense Manufacturing® patented QD Auto-Lock™ Lever (sold separately). This mounting option will provide quick detach capability.

The Unity proprietary nut is required to prevent damage to the mounting interface.


WARNING: Use of a standard ADM nut (Not Unity Proprietary) will cause damage to the host rail and is not covered under warranty.

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