The best UMAREX / VFC GLOCK made so far?!

The VFC GLOCK19X GBB is around for some time now and players got their experience with it already. Some say “it´s just another GLOCK” and others think “the best one made so far”! So what is the truth now?

Fact is that VFC did listen to the feedback from the airsoft community about the problems with previous models like the Gen3 and Gen4 17s and 19s to make this special model from the real steel GLOCK series a special one in airsoft too.


Primary designed to take place in the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System contract, GLOCK wanted to be the one for Uncle Sam! Unfortunally, SIG had won the contract with their P320/M17 model but that didn´t stopped GLOCK from releasing the 19X afterwards too.

Picture source: GLOCK Inc.

GLOCK’s first ever “Crossover” pistol, the GLOCK 19X, combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. The full-size 17 frame and the compact 19 slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations GLOCK describes it at their page. But that isn´t sooo new to you I guess if you followed the 19X evolution and so it´s enough about the real steel history at this point.

Let´s dive into it

In this review, we try to focus at the major differences about previous released models and the usability as a training gun as you have possibly seen a lot of stuff about the 19X already.

First impression – The 19X looks very well done with a lot attention to detail. Overall finish of the coyote or TAN or “50 shades of FDE” however you wanna call it frame and slide is right on point. Compared to the first versions regarding the coating of the slide, this model here not even looks & feels better, the coating is thicker and so is the lifetime. If you had used a previous version you know that after a very short time you have seen the aluminium shining through.

Fine engraved GLOCK markings what you expect from such a license replica are were they should be even on top of the pistols front & rear sight which is different to previous versions that keeps the attention to detail heart bumping.

I have to mention that the engraving of the markings are considerably lower as on pervious models and so they are much more closer to the real steel gun.

Another difference can be found at the frame. The 19X comes with the Gen5 grip what means – no finger grooves. That offers a comfortable grip to a wider range of consumers, regardless of their finger size.

What is missing in the package are the aditional backstraps that allows the users to change the circumference of the grip to fit their individual hand size. Previous models like the Gen4 from VFC had these included.

For secured retention it comes with a polymer lanyard clip.

This one can be removed if you don´t want to use it. Just use a small hex-wrench, push it into the small hole at the backside of the grip to release the locking and pull it out.

Up front, we have an extended magazine well that supports the overall grip and reload of the magazine itself.

The reversible magazine catch that is extended too of the G19X is reversible and enlarged towards the rear of the pistol.

With its large and smoothly rounded surface area, this magazine catch is more user friendly to the shooter’s reach and allows them to switch the catch to the left or right side of the pistol as preferred.

Also new, the ambidextrous slide stop lever. It makes it easier for the owner to quickly, safely and comfortably manipulate the slide whether they are left-handed or right-handed.

That´s pretty much it what´s to say about the features as seen from the outside of the 19X.

Enjoy a 360° View of the 19X

The VFC GLOCK 19X has exactly the same dimensions as the real steel gun. That is very nice if you want to run it as a training gun and because of the fitting into holsters etc. Good job VFC, such attention to detail is very appreciated over here!

Picture source: GLOCK Inc.

As the dimensions are the same, the weight is almost too. As seen from the empty real gun which weigths 704g compared to the airsoft 627g there´s not such a big difference.

I know when it comes to the full loaded real 19X with 890g, the airsoft version cannot catch up to this. With its original Gas magazine, the VFC weights 635g and with the ad of the CO² powered mag, it´s at 684g. A little bit closer…


As on previous versions, the GOLCK markings are on there too. You find them at the baseplate and at the backside of the mag right under the round indicator. The coyote finish compared to the black Gen1 mags feels much thicker and more solid made in my opinion too. Let´s see how it performs after a longer itme of use.

The feeding of the BBs on my model went very well and I had zero issues at all. As mentioned from a friend of mine, his 19X mag had some small issues regarding the feeding. He noticed that the BBs had some coyote coating on them when he took them out.

I think after some time of use, this will go away as the coating inside gets worn out too. If you recognize this issue at yours when it´s brand new, you may open it up, put the spring and all out to grind it a bit to get it running smooth.

But there´s one last thing I want to add about the magazine.

What is missing since it came out compared to the real deal are the „extended“ extra mags (real steel G19X comes with two of these in the box). In real life, this adds a 17+2 round to the mag. In airsoft, I think it´s more about the look that some players would like to add if possible.

As they are available for the CO² version mags already in black, it wouldn´t be that difficult to make some coyote once and sell them as spare parts to replace the standard base plate or even better – make the whole mag!

But that´s maybe just an editors opinion because I like it… or what do you think?


As the eagle eye already spotted it, here´s a major difference to previous GLOCK models. The Hop Up Unit! VFC redesigned the system completely and they have done it pretty well and lovely userfriendly.

For your reference: top is a Gen4 GLOCK 17 CO² version slide. The old Hop Up with classic design, plastik rack-wheel to rotate with your finger once you open the gun as you know it from many other pistols and then there´s the NEW one from the 19X made of zinc diecasting.

As you see, the Hop Up rack-wheel sit right infront the housing and not on top of it. That brings a new mechanism to the system and new features too. It´s also bigger and much easier to adjust even with gloves on. Another benefit, the rack-wheel locks into every position you set the Hop Up to what keeps your setting on point.

Hint: If you like, you can make markings onto it to pre-set the Hop to your preferred weight of BB´s or the type of mag you run during the year. Means: Gas or CO².

Basically, you have two options to adjust it. Option 1: Old school! Open the gun and rotate the rack-wheel as you did it before. Option 2: Use the innovative way! VFC developed the Hop Up System for the players to give them a better usability in field.

Every 19X comes with an hex-wrench in the box. Use this one and put it in the spring guide opening to adjust the Hop Up that easy and fast without removing the slide at all. Great new feature and addition for pistols. Also, you can hear the „click“ every position you adjust.

To remove the spring guide & barrel for maintenance, you need to bring the Hop Up in the 0 position. Rotate the rack-wheel all the way to the left and you´re able to get it out.


UMAREX / VFC produced the 19X CO² ready out of the box (I hope that Greta does not read this review…), which is nice if you want to run it that way too because you know that the internals are already tough enough and dosn´t need an upgrade.

Talking about the blowback kick of the 19X… just WOW! It feels pretty good and hard for such a small gun. Seen this with the eye of usability to be a training tool, this guy right here can handle it.

The 19X comes with a gas-powered magazine. Once this one is completely charged, you´re able to shoot four full loaded mags with only one charge. That´s efficient! Regarding the power, we chroned it with 0,25g BBs because that´s the BB weight the most players run their GBB Pistols with (as far as we know from our friends) and we wanted to show a result that reflects the power of the gun how it get used.  

The result is a constancy of about 0,92 – to 0,98 joule measured from 10 shots fired. You ask about the Range? As most airsoft pistols, the 19X shots about 20 meters with solid measurable results. All over that distance is luck – or would you call it skill?

Real steel side note: The 19X was intensively tested from the guys over at Feurkampf und Taktik an German based company. Regarding to their test, they had measurable results from the gun with up to 150 meters. Not bad for this shorty – but this maybe belongs to the insalled GLOCK Marksmanship Barrel it comes with.


Overall, the GLOCK 19X from UMAREX / VFC is definitely worth it´s money and a must have for every #glockaddicted player and or collector.  The workmanship has increased compared to previous models and so is the performance too. The blowback of this pistol is crazy and feels just great while shooting it.

Haven´t talked about the trigger yet, reset is very nice and issues have been solved regarding the trigger mechanism some Gen3 & Gen4 Models had. Once you pull the Save Action System, the trigger flows smooth to the wall / reset point and you can release the shot. The gun is also well balanced and provides a solid grip thanks to the Gen4 RTF Rough textured frame.

The new Hop Up system is awesome user friendly, solid made and you don´t need to field-strip the slide! Again very well done VFC.

What´s missing is the extended magazine in coyote and the additional backstraps like the real steel comes with. I think for a pistol like this, these should be included too or make a “deluxe” version of it! If you´re thinking of a Christmas present and like GLOCKs, here´s the one to go for in our opinion.

You can get the GLOCK 19X from our partner Gunfire who sends us over this model for our test. Thanks guys.

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