That one magazine that rulz them all?

PTS is well known for some of the best magazines and parts in airsoft. At least to me it is so. Their EPM Series is available for a variety of guns, standard AEG, TM all the way to PTW and two for GBBRs in 5.56 and 7.62Cal. Airsoft of course!

The latest new release what I´m pretty sure you have seen already here at AMNB or at some other news page over the past few weeks is the EPM1, which is a mid cap mag with a round indicator window like the MAGPUL PMAGS and this airsoft mag holds 250 rounds! Yes, 250 rounds. How does this sound to you?

The EPM1 continues the legacy of the series with a well made high quality Dupont Zytel Polymer shell, reinforced texture with EP dot pattern for better grip and durability, a new polymer baseplate with an angled surface and dot matrix for stability and customization.

A unique magazine mag well guide that reduces snagging and mis-loading has been applied too.

Does this add-on work? With our tested guns, the magazine feeded very well all the time (no empty shots, no double feeds etc.) and we didn´t felt the magazine loose. It sits solid and strong like it shoud be.

PTS installed a high efficiency compression spring to feed heavy and large amounts of BBs. The BB follower itself is shaped to hold the last BB in place so it feeds always straight towards the gun.

As our testing just last a few weeks, time will tell how good this spring really is after a decent time of hard core using.

Field stripping the mag for maintenance is quite easy. Just remove the base plate, release the screw that holds the mag inlay and pull all out towards the top. You don´t have to worry about the round indicator, that one sits secured on the inlay and wont fall out.

Only thing you have to take care of are the Plexiglas parts from the windows. These will fall out and need to reposition afterwards before you slide the inlay back in.

I talked about the performance a bit before. As you know, 250 BBs is a lot of capacity for a Mid Cap. I play in Germany and so it´s hard for me to give you a solid feedback on a full auto feeding run with a gun above 0,5 joule which I don´t own atm. But, the EPM1 got tested this way already from the stuff at PTS and you can find lots of videos on their social media channels showing that the mag passed this test without a doubt!

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All AEGs we run the mag with passed our test very well and we didn´t had feeding issues. The EPM1 is a true performer that not only feeds well, it sit strong, feels solid and you always know how much BBs are left inside.

One thing about the BB indicator, it starts moving upwards a bit late in my opinion. Means, you need to load ~180-200 BBs inside before it moves to show you the amount of BBs inside. Maybe this is only an “issue” our mag had!

Apart from this, I thought I give it a try with a rifle that is naturally not made to fit a standard M4 type magazine. A G36. Ours was from ARES and we used it with a M4 mag adapter specially designed for the G36 from ARES.

As some of you that run such adapters know, there´s often the problem that the magazine dosn´t feed very well because of… lets say reasons and you hate that right! We gave the G36 a one day try during a CQB game and what should I say – it performed the same way as in a standard M4 AEG. If you would like to run one mag for both M4 and G36 rifels, the EPM1 can handle it for sure.

SIDE NOTE: if you follow our news you saw that PTS is releasing a new G36 Magazine this year. It´s called the EPM-C. I hope we can get our hands on one too for you to talk about the performance.


The EPM1 is definitely a hot magazine that will has it´s impact in the airsoft world in 2020 and beyond. It continue the legacy of the whole EPM Series and it´s one future step ahead in the series evolution. The unique magazine mag well guide that reduces snagging and mis-loading is a big plus in my opinion. The level indicator that shows you the amount of BBs is a nice feature and those of you that like to have it, will love it.

The reinforced texture for better grip and durability is on point and the whole magazine feels strong, handy and very well made. You will get a nice piece of gear for a decent price tag. The EPM1 is about to hit the stores already so check your local one for availability.

That´s it. Any questions left behind? Drop them in the comment box below and we will join the conversation. Cheers

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