A first glance – HWO-TGO TANGO6T

If you’re one of the cool kids these days, you gotta rock all that SIG SAUER swag which just hit the airsoft floor, not only under the “SIG AIR” brand itself. I mean, it’s cool “af” and there are many options for you to create something very unique as aftermarket parts from various companies are available.

Not to mention that SIG just won the US Armys NGSW program… imagine what’s to come in the future!


So why you don’t use an optic on your beloved boomstick that replicates one from SIG too? The one we got here from Holy Warrior the HWO-TGO TANGO6T is a replica optic from SIG SAUERs TANGO6T, which just got selected by the U.S. Army for both the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle System and for U.S. Special Forces Operators.


Designed for today’s common MSR/AR and bolt action platforms, this scope is the ideal solution for CQB / mid-range tactical engagements, and even 3 Gun competitions and hunting SIG said.

Of course, the real deal is a bit pricy if you just want to use it for swinging BBs around with. In that case, the HWO-TGO TANGO6T is something that should be on your list if you want to keep that modern US SOF MilSim look alive, but on a more budget friendly level.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the features, workmanship etc. for you as we just got hands on it and tbh, a serious field test needs to be done during the 2022 season which is just about to start! (I’m excited for it!)

We will put it through its paces for you that is for sure so you better keep an eye out on our socials such as Instagram as well because we post a lot in our stories there… just saying folks!


WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Actually, everything you need to get started with straight away incl. tools, a manual and some other paperwork which is unnecessary at this very moment.


The HWO-TGO TANGO6T offers all the adjustment features like the real deal does. Diopter control, elevation & windage turrets, brightness adjuster, a power steering lever and doubling handwheel and a quick adjusting ring to access the 1-6X magnification how you need it in like no time.



The elevation & windage turrets are well covered with caps to keep dust and/or dirt out of it. An O-Ring and the end of the thread makes sure that the whole turret is well sealed once the cap is set in place.


So, once you adjusted all to your preferences, it stays the way it should to make sure you hit your target right. If you run it on a GBBR, it may lose its zero over a decent time or the movement of the whole rifle itself and how you operate it does its thing to it. Be gentle guys!

But I think that we’ll find that out for sure for you during our intense testing this year.


To brighten up your game a bit, the HWO-TGO offers 6RED and 2NV brightness levels as you prefer it, running on a single CR2032 battery (not included). A locking mechanism on the brightness turret makes sure that your setting stays in place and protects it from accidentally manipulation.

What I noticed here is that this locking mechanism is super tight at the beginning! Let’s see if this stays this way and/or for how long it keeps going in service like this. I think, you guys know what I mean!



The HWO-TGO also comes with an “ALPHA3 Style Scope Mount” which is a direct replica from the real deal too. Great for you as the scope is ready to rock right away and thanks to this mount, the whole package sticks to the real look which is of course important as you’re MilSim/battle display kinda person right!


As close as it gets or way off from the real thing? I think that material wise there’s no point to compare this replica with the real one from SIG. As seen from the look, color finish, markings and workmanship perspective, the HWO-TGO is really close to the real deal.

The finish feels a bit rough but I don’t mean it in a bad way. I personally like it and I think it also supports the overall grip on it. On our model, the laser engraved mounting line to align the riflescope to the scope rings as seen on the real scope is missing!

But if I remember it correct, I have seen the newer models from Holy Warrior already have that line engraved as well. Attention to detail is important and what we’re looking for! So, if you decide to order one in, I bet that your model has it.

Got excited about what you just saw and read? Wanna own a piece for yourself or a teammate wants it? Then head over to Holy Warrior or the DEVTSIX Store (European Customers) and grab your model.

As promised, we’ll keep you posted during the year about how this scope performs. Most likely, on our socials such as Instagram.

Grab yours here:

Holy Warrior Shop >> www.aliexpress.com

DEVTSIX Store >> www.devtsix-store.com/hw-t4ngo6t

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